We started a video blog! Click to watch 1st+2nd ep.

We decided, since we’re all carriying cameras anyway, we’ll let you join the band All videos are shot with OUR iPhones, Welcome to our band Aces and don’t forget to subscribe! m/ First post – We’re signed   Second post – The ‘Mechola’    

At band practice

We try to play atleast twice a week – going thru our songs and coming up with some new rockin stuff. Naama payed us a visit to take some pics so there you go m/ [wzslider] Pics by Naama Carolina Nevo

Our new EP – Rock Bottom Rocknroll is out now!

We are proud to share with you our first english recordings on our way to rocking out thru out the world m/ This EP was recorded live in Chaos Studios in Tel Aviv in 3 sessions between the dates 11-26.11.2012 credits released 16 December 2012 Recorded / Mixed / Mastered: Daniel Strosberg Cover design: Roi Vito Peleg