Signed With Z-Records!

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We are more than proud to announce our signing with Z-Records from Liverpool on a 2 album deal.
Our debut album will be released April 2013.
Available in shops throughout Europe and north America!

Chase the ace band

Chase the ace band

From the official press release:

Chase The Ace Signing with Z-Records

Chase The Ace Signing with Z-Records


It’s with great pleasure that Z Records announce the signing of Chase The Ace.
Chase The Ace originate from Israel and as far as the label are aware they’re the first Israeli rock act to sign to a European label.

The bands material totally kicks ass and reeks of such influences ranging from Rocks era Aerosmith, to Motley Crue / Shotgun messiah but with an extra twist.
The band self titled debut will be released April 2013.

The band made the following comment re signing their multi album deal with Z
“The whole thing came to us as a total surprise.
We started promoting CTA about 2 months ago and everything is going really quick and smooth!
It’s funny because just a few weeks ago we started talking about making a press kit and sending them to record companies and we really wanted a company from the UK.
Then, before we even started working on it, Mark sent me an e-mail saying he wants to work with us. At first we thought it was a cruel prank from one of our friends but it quickly turned out to be what we were hoping for. Z-records is a great label for us and Mark seems like an ace guy so we’re really excited about what’s gonna come.
We’re going in the studio in a few weeks to finish our first album. We got some bitchin songs for you guys and we can’t wait for all the rockers in the world to check them out!”

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