European Tour Dates and Pics

Click here for the dates This is the story of our first European tour around Germany, Belgium and Holland We compiled the best pics from our own phones and from good people who posted pics online! Rocknroll m/ Taken between the 8-19/10/2013 Post by Chase The Ace.

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Celebrating the release of our debut album WE’RE GOING ON A EUROPEAN TOUR!!! But before that…. WE’RE GIVING AWAY A BRAND NEW KRAMER ELECTRIC GUITAR!!! We figured that instead of paying facbook for ads, we can give one of our supporters a free guitar SO HERE WE GO! All you need to do is show your support by LIKING OUR … Read More

Full Length Interview W/ The American "Louder Than Hell"

Although their flag only contains a single star, Chase The Ace has their eyes on a flag with 50.  Don’t get us wrong, the Israeli band confesses love for it’s home country, but they see the United States as a divine kingdom for rock n’ roll.  They aspire to heights acheived by rock legends, and won’t let a thing like … Read More

Debut Album Review "The Mayfair Mall Zine"

“Hailing from Israel, Chase The Ace after six year of singing in Hebrew under the Koex moniker and with five albums under their belt, the quartet decided to take on the world and Chase The Ace was born. The band of Roi Vito Peleg (vox/guitar), Yam Artzy (drums), Omer Schinder (lead guitar) and Yair Gadon (bass), deliver old school hard … Read More

Video Review – The spanish "Laestadea"

"We returned to Tel Aviv where hard rockers Chase The Ace have the firm intention to continue to enhance all the virtues of their debut album, 'Are You Ready'. In the scenes that led Vito Roi Peleg himself (vocals, guitar) in collaboration with Ran Shenkerman – Video editor to this 'Rock Bottom Rocknroll' we can see in great detail – … Read More

Debut Album Review "Hard Rock Nights"

" “Are You Ready?” is a party-ready chunk of updated 80s hair-rock infused with a lot of rowdy, rollicking fun. This is music with an infectious energy, a swaggering attitude, and a definite sense of humor. Influences from bands like Van Halen, Aerosmith, The Darkness and AC/DC peek through everywhere, and at times I swear there’s a bit of a … Read More

Rock Bottom Rocknroll Official Video OUT NOW!

Model: Shaked Aurbach Directed by: Roi Vito Peleg / Ran Shenkerman Edited by: Ran Shenkerman Live footage by: Stav Tsur, Sagie Checkarov Girl "video blog": Shaked Aurbach Radio alarm intro: Mad Brad – Rock & Roll Psycho Circus ( ) ✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯ Support the band on facebook: 3nd video off our rockin debut album 'Are You Ready' Buy our … Read More

Our Debut Album Is Out Now!

  Time to get your copy of our hot swinging debut album – Are You Ready? ​Click here to order from You can check out this album to start drooling: Click here to order from