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…which I have already noticed how much heart and soul, the Israeli-British quartet have in their slightly sleazy hard rock classical expression. There was fire, action and a lot of sparks on stage. A gig I really enjoyed just because I previously did not know the band.

Now the second album, “Hell Yeah!”, Is on the review table. Ok, the cover is already borderline cheesy but as the credits remain within the band with singer Roi Vito Peleg, you can attest to at least a cool do-it-yourself attitude.

Musically although there is nothing you have not heard of umpteen other bands, based on Australia’s Finest Hard Rock with a shot sleaze and glam of the Blessed 80s, with strong solos and a singer of his lyrics on the fervent and credible intones wild, cool, dissolute, but not always easy life as a rocker, but it sometimes also reaches its limits.

But apart from the “Hell Yeah!” become a round and self-contained point, the opening double ‘The Stalker’ and ‘Set You On Fire’ go directly well in the legs and neck, and since the remaining rock songs are easy to digest every evening with a beer or whiskey in cellar or at the BBQ, there is a whole to report no great loss. Well, with the slower songs like ‘Out Of Reach’, ‘Desert Rose’ or chilled Album closer ‘Running As Fast As I Can (With My Eyes Closed)’ I have become not really warm, but they ensure that “Hell Yeah!” is not too monotonous and at the same pace plowing through the prairie. And if you have to pack the same two cover songs on an album as a boy band? Live liked in particular ‘Fortunate Son’ by Creedence Clearwater Revival very good, and when a guitarist of JUDAS PRIEST (Richie Faulkner), the honor is on an album contribute a commentary, clearly, then should one that also publish, as has happened here with ‘Sharp Dressed Man’ by ZZ TOP.

So completely can CHASE THE ACE level of their live performance to Preserve (still) not reproduce, but that’s when the great role models not always different. Overall, “Hell Yeah!” an album that will go any classic rockers quickly ear. And before the drölfzigste plate a band arises in the collection, which is fed slowly to a young, hungry band can have a try to give preference.

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