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15 hard rocking tracks coming straight at you!
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1. Are You Ready
2. The Cat Is On The Loose
3. Rock Bottom Rocknroll
4. Made Out Of Ice
5. Change My Ways
6. California
7. Dear Deamon
8. Raise Your Glass
9. Morning Wood
10. Tapped Out
11. Burned Me Down
12. Bring You Back
13. Take Me Home
14. We're Taking Over
15. Feel Like A Fool

Lyrics: Roi Vito Peleg
Music: Chase The Ace
Produced: Chase The Ace  
Recorded live at Keoss Studios, Tel Aviv, Israel
Additional recordings at The Shelter, Modi'in, Israel
Recorded: Daniel Strosberg, Yair Gadon
Mixed / Mastered: Daniel Strosberg
Published by: Z-Records UK 2013

Album Cover:
Album Artwork -Diogo Landô
Band Photography: Tomer Fuchs
Clothes Design: Dorine Tordjman
Makeup Artist: Inbal Elayani
Art Direction And Design: Roi Vito Peleg 

About Chase The Ace:
After 6 years of singing only in Hebrew in their home country of Israel, CTA decided to expand their horizon and go global.
A month after releasing their debut english EP (Rock Bottom Rocknroll), CTA signed with Z-Records, a Liverpool based hard rock label, and released their first single who got into no.1 at the Dallas Texas rock chart  and went straight into rock stations rotations in South Africa, UK, Brazil, Greece, USA and many more around the world.
The debut album "Are You Ready?" will be out April 22nd available in stores throughout Europe and North America.
During those 6 years in Israel they put out 5 albums, played over 400 gigs, featured in the biggest daily papers and news websites in Israel, along with many radio appearances. They have also built a fan base who are dedicated to keeping rock music alive. All this has been achieved whilst staying true to their music style by being a completely self sustained indie rock band.

Chase The Ace are: 
Roi Vito Peleg – Vocals / Rhythm Guitar 
Yam Artzy – Drums / Back Vocals 
Omer Schnider – Lead Guitar / Back Vocals 
Yair Gadon – Bass / Back Vocals

Reviews: (for more press click here:  )

"Chase The Ace's "Rock Bottom Rocknroll" is a blast of hot and swinging hard rock that is so much fun, you don't want it to stop after just six tracks.
Chase the Ace shows a lot of promise on this EP: the tunes are solid, the sound is big and slick, and this band surely knows how to rock. In short: "Rock Bottom Rocknroll" is an enjoyable and entertaining ride, and I highly recommend you take it out for a spin — I don't think you'll regret it." Hard Rock Nights

"I'm a big fan of the rock giants of the 80's the crushing drums, wailing vocalists and long passionate guitar solos. I found all of those in this small new band coming out no other than Israel. " Ultimate-Guitar 

"'Rock Bottom Rocknroll' is a solid and meaty introduction for Chase The Ace to the Western audience, and to be honest, these guys rocks fairly good on par with many established acts. The fun vibe is supported by well penned songs and strong instrumentation, all crowned by a first rate production for an indie. A really enjoyable collection of rockers from a new promising band. Keep an eye put on them." 0DayRockz



15 hard rocking tracks coming straight at you!
Available with free shipping only now!!!



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